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Ooredoo Upgrades Last Remaining Site in Musandam as Network Coverage Reaches 99% of Population

2020-05-03 - 12:13 GMT
Oman Oman

  • Ooredoo Upgrades Last Remaining Site in Musandam as Network Coverage Reaches 99% of Population

Mobilk - Keeping people connected across the Sultanate, Ooredoo has accomplished a major milestone in its nationwide network modernisation project by completing the upgrade of the Kumzar site in Musandam. It is the latest piece of the puzzle in an eight-year-long journey to enhance the capabilities of Ooredoos network and increase capacity across Oman, which has now reached 99%. Overcoming several challenges, the biggest of which was accessibility, the team have completed upgrades for all services, including mobile and Home Internet, providing the local community with great network connectivity. The completion of the project also paves the way for the emergence of technologies such as 5G, IoT and beyond, ensuring that Ooredoo’s customers continue to get the best digital experience possible.

Ahmed Abdullah Al Abri, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Ooredoo, said, “The completion of this project is a proud achievement, as we have not only been able to provide customers in Musandam with a superior connected experience, but we managed to overcome extreme topographic challenges to provide these services. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the teams involved, we are excited to be able offer our users a great network in the area. Today, we can say that people all over the country can now experience fantastic connectivity at all times, as part of our commitment to help people enjoy the internet.”

The modernisation journey started since few years when Ooredoo launched the Tahdeeth program to replace its old Legacy network to one that is based on single RAN technology, with most of the sites being upgraded within the first three years. Today, by harnessing state-of-the-art technology, the telecoms company has provided its customers with enhanced services to meet their growing digital needs. Committed to pioneering the Sultanate’s digital landscape as a date experience leaders, Ooredoo has been reinforcing its network and investing heavily in the latest solutions that will help position the country as an active player in the global race towards digital innovation.

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Nawras ('النورس' in Arabic) is a mobile communications provider in the Sultanate of Oman. The services were commercially launched on 16 March 2005 in the market previously occupied by a sole operator Omantel....

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