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2010-01-07 - 11:11 GMT
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  • Sabafon Public Events

71 project for continuation of 71 girls enrolment in basic education
SabaFon is sponsoring the charitable 71 project for continuation of 71 girls enrolment in basic education .

This Event was from 17/04/2005 to 09/05/2005

    In 17/05/05 Opening ceremony 

     From 18/04 to 20/04 training for the teachers to do the project 

      From 23/04 to 04/05 to search for the girls witch stop standing for deferent case 

            (From 06/05 to 07/05 seminar for the  (social studies

  In 09/05 Closing ceremony

 Many magazines published about  the 71 project and also the public channels and the news channels .





The youth development festival
In 20/10/2005 Sabafon sponsored the youth development festival at Sana’a University. The festival was attended by a lot of people that interested about how we can improve our self to make development Sabafon attended also by the employee logos and stands.


The Cultural Development Programs Planning Foundation
Sabafon sponsored the second international seminar: The Yemeni / German Stately dress: 1948 – 2004 Stat dress – Representation of Masculinity and Feminity in the Public Sphere. The overall purpose of this project is to create asocial and cultural environment encouraging tolerance and understanding of the others via trans -/intercultural dialogue using historical and contemporary images of Europeans and Arabs in Yemen and Germany. It was from February 14th – 15th 2005.


( Sabafon Sponsored the Visit of Italian Football Team (1982.
The Italian National Football team 1982 was in Yemen from 19 Mar to 29 Mar.   Our National Football team played a mach with the Italian National team in  21/03/2005 this match ended ( 8/7 ) for our national team . A lot of people attendance the Match . The Italian team was very interesting and happy to visit Yemen and see the a magic places like old cities and beaches The team visited deferent pleases in Yemen for tourism like ( Old Sana’a –Shipam - kaokapan -  Hababa – Mukala – Saiyon  -  Shipam Hadramot – Soqatra




JitCom 2005 from 3 to 8 July
(Al- jazzier Information Technology communication Exhibition Jitcom 20005)

Sabafon has participated Jitcom 2005, which was conducted during 3 July to 8 July. There were a number of international and local companies participating in the Exhibition, We have been visited by quite a lot of visitors who have inquired about Sabafon services and its latest offers and services, Quit a lot of our guests at Jitcom 2005 have expressed about their comments about the designed and decoration of our part in the exhibition



Holly Quran awarding sermon
Sabafon has sponsoring the event of holly Qumran awarding sermon at the culture center in the ******. The event was attended by parliament speaker Sheikh Abdullah Alahmer how has thanked Sabafon for sponsoring such event



Group wedding sermon for 360 Groom
Sabafon sponsoring the Group-wedding sermon for 360 grooms. The Group wedding has different Activates during the party, Sabafon logos and stands was reliable at special plaices, the speakers and attendees has express their thanks to Sabafon for sponsoring this events, The wedding was attended by and well respected people and along number of people



The fifth orphan Festival
Sabafon sponsored the fifth orphan festival in 24/11/2005. A lot of visitors from outside of Yemen came to attend this festival. Al shekh Abdulla Alahmar was there as every year, he said speech and he request the Yemeni businessmen to sport orphan. Alskekh Alzandani was there also. At the end of the festival they start to collect the volunteer for the orphan.



Olympic Day Run 2005 And 2006
The Yemeni Olympic Committee did Olympic day run 2004 to Anniversary of Olympic Committee. Sabafon sponsored this event This event attended by many VIP, youths and Crowd. All participants wear T-shirt with Sabafon logo.




Yemeni Teachers Union festival 2005 and 2006
Sabafon sponsored this festival in 2005 and 2006 The Yemeni Teachers Union festival will honor the best teachers in Yemen. The festival was under the auspicious of sheikh Abdullah bn hoseen Al-ahmer this year and last year. This year the Yemeni Teachers Union was honoring more than 300 teachers from all Yemen.





SabaFon has been starting in February 2001 and the establishment of cellular communications network and a wide range, which now covers 68% of the population distribution in the Republic. Sabafon of five partners, and...

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